Axial Flux Stator

Model: Axial flux stator
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Axial Flux Motor Stator Lamination

Axial Flux motor also being called disk motor, it is small weight, compat,high efficiency designed   motors with a lot of application such as electrical car, green car, Freeze electric powder Generator, Computer Disk . also it is being used for some special application. The lamination of axial flux motor is different from traditional stator stacks. normally the steps as below:

1. A punching mold tooling should be desinged to stamp the coil shape

2. Punch or cut the coil to desired shape with equipment as shown in above video

3. Do welding with fixture tooling

also has some different method and process to produce axial flux motor stators, if you are interested in and would like to know more about it, please contact us

axial flux stator

axial flux stator.jpg

axial flux motor stator   disk motor stator   axial flux stator lamination

axial flux stator   axial flux motor stator

disc motor stator   axial flux stator lamination

axial flux motor stator    axial flux stator

axial flux stator

Axial flux motor stator