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Facility & Equipment for Silicon Steel Stamping

Capacitity: 35 Million pcs of stator stampings every year

Silicon Steel Stamping Machine:     Total 5 Set: 80 Ton/ 2 Set, 100Ton/1Set, 110Ton/2 Set, 300Ton/1 Set

Axial Flux Stator Machine: 6 Set

Other Machine: More than 10 Set for maching and manufacturing process

Inspection Instrument: More than 10 Set

Silicon Steel Stamping               Stator Insulation Coating

Silicon Steel Stamping Production Line                                 Axial Flux Stator Stamping

Equipment List
110 Ton Punching Machine
Milling Machine
Pressing Machine
EMD Wire Cutting Machine
Electrostatic Coating Machine
Inspection Instruments
2D Imaging Equipment
Coating Force Tester
Iron Loss Tester
Hardness Tester
Stator Hi-pot Tester