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Different Tooling Options Available for your stators with different cost investment to match your needs;
Raw Material

Electrica Silicon Steel:

JYSTATOR   has various of electricl steel in stock from different brand available to meet your needs;

Sura Cogent-SwedenNO10NO15NO20/NO20-1200NO27M270-35AN/A
JFE Steel-JapanST-100ST-15020JNEH1200/20JNEH1500N/A30JNE230/35JNE25050JNE470
Bao Steel-ChinaN/AB15AT1200B20AV1200/B20AV1300B27AV1400B35A210/230/250/270



China Steel-TaiwanN/A15CS120020CS1200/20CS1500N/A35CS210/230/250/270N/A

0.1mm SuperCore:

Super Core is manufactured using an innovative process that is completely different from that for conventional silicon steel sheets.

These are the highest grade, non-oriented magnetic steel sheets available. Conventional silicon steel sheets have a Si (silicon) content of 3.5% or less. It has long been known that the magnetic characteristics of a silicon steel sheet improve as the Si content increases, peaking at 6.5%. However, it has been impractical to produce thin steel sheets with a Si content of over 3.5% becaus the steel tends to harden and become brittle. In 1993 JFE Steel solved this production problem through the adoption of a process called the CVD process, and successfully introduced the first 6.5% Si steel sheets (JNEX-Core) to the world. In order to meet new demands, this technology has continued to be developed, leading to the commercial production of gradient high-silicon steel sheets with superior high-frequency characteristics (JNHF-Core).

Magnets Alloy:

Co-Fe Magnetic Alloy & Ni-Fe Magnetic Alloy