2810 Stator(28*14*12slots*10*0.2)

Model: 2810
Material: 20JNEH1200
OD: 28
ID: 14
Slots No.: 12
Coating Thickness: 0.3-0.5mm
Product Details

28*14*12slots*10*0.2mm   2810 Drone stator

with 0.2mm silicon steel

OD: 28mm

ID: 14mm

Slots No.: 12

Material: 20JNEH1200--0.2mm

Coating Thickness: 0.2-0.4mm

Coating Color: Green or Blue

Lamination technology: Interlock

Hi-pot Testing: 500VDC/0.5mA/2S

2810 Drone Stator Introduction:

1. JYSTATOR has over 300 set of drone stator stamping tooling and Drone motor is one kind of main application.

2. 2810 stator Stacking Height can be customized according to your motor design; like 2807, 2809, 2812 stator.

3. 2810 stator Have ID 13mm and ID 14mm two set of tooling available.

4. 2810 Stator coating and winding services available according to your needs.

2807 STATOR2807 Stator

2807 FPV Stator Stamping

   All of FPV Stator used thin 0.2mm silicon steel because its speed is high and the losses under high frequency is critical for longer flying time; some FPV Motor application   used 0.15mm silicon steel.      

   JYSTATOR can produce over 100k pcs 2810 drone stators everyday; Maximum stamping   machine is 350 tons which can stamp 300+ OD Stators.Over 20 years of stamping tooling design experiences especially expertise and strong know-how on 0.2mm stamping tooling design and manufacturing;


The surface of the 2810 FPV stator core is smooth, laminated neatly without wrong pieces, delamination, not loose the buckle can withstand a certain tension.

2810 FPV stator coating



All the 2810   drone stator Using UL certified 3M series insulation powder, the appearance of the product is 100% inspected to ensure that all shipped products can pass the insulation and voltage resistance test.

   Our coating production lines with capacity of produce 300K pcs/day for 2810 FPV stator.

2810 Stator Winding

      All enameled copper wires over 200 degree temperature class; varnish used ELENTAS Brand, all Cable used is 200 degree with custimized size;

      And provide all standard electrical tests and measurement for 2810 winding stator to ensure electrical safety and conformation to customer spec and requirement.

2807 Drone stator   

2810 stator inspection   :

All 2810 winding stator must do electrical testing before varnish coating and After varnish coating.

2807 fpv stator

Packing and shipping

   We have a variety of packing methods for 2810 FPV stator,including ordinary cartonpacking,Plastic box packing,woode case packing,etc,all in order toprotect the products from moisture and damage during transportation.

2807 fpv stator