How to manufacture BLDC motor stator

发表时间:2017-12-14 20:36

How to Produce BLDC Motor Stator

Stator core as one of most important component of the BLDC motor, is also be called magnet  core, it was used to increase the magnetic flux. Normally a high quality silicon steel after stamping and lamination would be applied.

To manufacture a high quality brushless dc motor stator core with perfect performance, first a  high accuracy punching mold would be required to punch the silicon steel to required shape, and a automatic rivet process would be needed before stamping with the punching machine. With this process, it can dramatically protect the silicon steel external plane from scratching and ensure the stator tolerance. High quality mold and a good performance punching machine operated with a professional operator was the key factor to manufacture a good stator core.Normally to manufacture a high effeciency would include this 5 major steps:

1. bldc motor stator core sample testing with elctrode-wire cutting

2. brushless motor stator punching mold design

3. silicon steel(0.2/0.35/0.5mm) punching and stamping with the stator mold

4. bldc motor stator epoxy coating on the defined area and coated with defined thickness

5. other after-process treatment such as annealing

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