Why 0.2mm Silicon steel stamping is more expensive

发表时间:2017-11-14 20:38

Why 0.2mm Silicon Steel stamping are more expensive than 0.5mm and 0.35mm?

As we know, thinner of the silicon steel stamping for the stator and rotor, better of the motor performance and efficiency especially for high speed and high frequency motor design concept.

While, thinner of the silicon steel, more difficult to control its dimension tolerance and deformation during the punching and stamping lamination. the lamination is expensive because:

1. Material Cost: the raw silicon steel material of 0.2mm is 1.7 times as 0.35mm.

2. 0.2mm silicon steel are very easy to be deformed during the punching and stamping process, so this mold design has very high requirement and not every supplier can laminate 0.2mm silicon steel perfectly(almost all China supplier can lamination a 0.5mm silicon steel). So the mold cost are higher than a 0.5mm mold accordingly, we will use the best quality Tungsten Steel to ensure the mould life span and tolerance.

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