How to customize a bldc motor stator core?

发表时间:2016-07-09 20:40

How to customize a bldc motor stator and rotor core?

Normally there is 6 steps to customize your own bldc motor rotor and stator core products for your motors:

1. Provide a full bldc motor stator  drawing by email or Fax so that we can do engineering evaluaton and provide a quotation.

2. Use EDM wire cutting process to cut some sample for prototpye  samples verification, the process includes fast speed  wire cutting and slow speed wire cutting. This process are only be suitable for sample verification due to its low efficiency and higher cost.

3. Optimize stator dimension and specification according to prototype sample testing result. also this optimization some times are done to provide convenience for production with stamping mold

4. JY design a stator stamping mould to laminate your stators according to drawing specification and dimension;

5. JY Provide some sample with stamping mold production process for testing and performance verification.

6.Move forward to normal production line with large qty. normally our lead time is 7 -9 days after we received your orders.