How to do motor stator welding

发表时间:2018-01-04 13:58

Welding process is one typical technology for silicon stell lamination process to ensure the stack will not loose. especially for prototype sample or other special shape sheet which are difficult to apply interlock during stamping process.  Typically there is laser welding, TIG Welding, MIG Welding, Spot Wleding etc...

we commony use Laser Welding for lamination of BLDC motor stator core stacks.  Laser welding is a technique in which metals are fused together by using the heat energy provided by a laser. Unlike traditional forms of welding, a laser produces a highly concentrated heat source which enables precise, narrow welds. It is a versatile process which can be used to weld Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, and Aluminum. Laser welding is normally used for smaller sized cores. Process of stator stacks with laser welding:

1. Silicon Steel sheet being cut by EDM wire cutting or maching punching;

2. Silicon Steel Cleaning

3. Fixture being designed and manufactured to laminate the stator stacks together;

4. Laser welding

5. Dimension inspection;

motor stator welding

motor stator laser welding

laser welding for motor stator

welded stators

welded motor stator