How to design Stator Insulation powder Coating thickness?

发表时间:2018-01-08 13:52

When we design a motor coil, we would like to get higher of the slots filing factor to better utilize the silicon steel performance and property; This require thinner thickness of the stator insulation coating; while thinner of the thickness may insufficient for insulation performance and we just balance this: The Coating thickness are determined by the following factors:

1. Motor design requirement about insulaiton and can be tested with Hi-pot Testing

2. Motor Stator dimension and tolerance requirement

3. Coating process and capacity of Coating manufacturer;

4. Temperature Class

a typical example for the relationship between thickness and insulation voltage(Hi-Pot Testing) can be referrenced, this relationship are determined by a lot of factors, such as stator shape, stator material, stator quality, coating process and coating quality: