What is the advantage of Epoxy Insulation Powder Coating

发表时间:2018-01-10 16:01

A motor coil insulaiton solution is much important for motor performance and stability; Epoxy coating powders specifically tailored for motor irons, stators and slot insulation applications. All motors require slot liner insulation, but of all the motor applications, automotive motors,BLDC Motors and Slotless Motors are some of the most demanding and can benefit most from slot insulation using epoxy coating powder.

Epoxy coating powders have been used by many manufacturer on millions of motors over the past 30 years.

Advantage of estator insulation powder Coating

1.  High service temperatures and H insulation class;

2.  Capability to provide a range of thermal conductivities;

3.  Great Manufacturing Productivity

4.  Low thickness required to achieve max performance, Benefit for high slots filling factor coil winding

5.  Do not need to build up overmold and save cost

6.  Excellent motor coil apperance