BLDC Stator Lamination Annealing

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BLDC Motor stator lamination Annealing

As we know that the silicon steel sheet will cause some internal stresses during punching and stamping process. it is harmful for motor performance and  consistency. So a heat treatment process was introduced to eliminate the stresses;

Annealing process is one of  heat treatment process that eliminate the microstructure of silicon steel  causing changes in properties such as ductility, strength, hardness. For electrical steel laminations of motor stator core, the process of annealing is most commonly used to remove stresses in silicon steel sheet around the edges of a lamination that are induced during punching and stamping process. Another common application in the motor industry pertains to annealing special alloys such as cobalt or nickel to optimize electrical and mechanical properties for special designed high performance motors.

JIAYE can fulfill most annealing requirements for electrical steel laminations. Our expertise  in non-grain oriented laminations,  grain-oriented laminations, cobalt-based laminations and nickel-based laminations would be benefit for you to get a higher efficiency stators.

There are two types of process for the stator lamination annealing:

  1. Annealing the punched silicon steel sheet before stator lamination process:It is simple and a lot of different batches of silicon steel sheet can be annealed one time with higher efficiency and lower production cost. While the sheet deformation is serious after annealing and the lamination process is difficult to control the dimension tolerance.

  2. Annealing the laminated stator laminations:If the stator stacks are laminated by welding or interlock, it is easy as it will not loose during annealing and can preserve good dimension tolerance. However, if the stators are bonding lamination or loose lamination, then a customized fixture must be designed to ensure the laminations will not loose during annealing, after that the annealed stacks will be glued or coated for next process. It will increase the production cost as an extra batches of lamination fixture should be designed and input for annealing

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