Introduction of motor stator manufacturing process with Progressive die stamping

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This document shows the common statormanufacturing process with progressive die stamping, we hope it is benefit foryou to have a better understanding on the stator manufacturing processespecially with the progressive die stamping;

This is the video Link of stator lamination process:

1.Design and assembly the progressive die stamping mold, high performance Tungsten Steel has been used to realize stamping mold long life time and over 100 Million punching times; Our stamping mold center- with over 200 sets of motor stator stamping mold;

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3.  Prepare the raw material-silicon steel-0.2mm/0.35mm/0.5mm

IMG_20181219_154134.jpg     IMG_20181219_163709.jpg


4.  Install the material to the material feeding machine

IMG_20181219_163652.jpg      IMG_20181219_154334.jpg

6. Power on the punching machineand start production. Stator lamination are realized automaticallyby punching machine and progressive die stamping mold; and you can get alaminated stator stacks with your designed height directly;

IMG_20181219_154703.jpg  ∅63.8 副本.jpg

7.  Compress the stator stacks tohave better performance. Also fast inspecting with G0/NO-GOJig to catch fake stators;

IMG20180116144436.jpg   20181219

9.   Routing Inspection to catch productionabnormalities;


10.  Transport to do epoxy powder coating

IMG_20181219_163641.jpg   IMG_4000.JPG

11.  OQC Inspection and Package ;

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Raw material will be inspected with ironloss tester to get verify its performance, as certificated manufacturer ofISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949, We control the quality by following ISOstandard and flow chart;

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This is just shows the progressive die stampingmethod to do the stator manufacturing process, also for different application andmotor design, the stator manufacturing process can also be realized by bondingor welding; more details, please contact with us