Electric Car Busbar/EV Busbar
Model: Electric car busbar
Material: Copper
Thickness: 1/2/3mm
Surface Treatment: Galvanization/Nickelage
Voltage Bearing: >3000 V
Coating Thickness: Customized
Coating Color: Blue/Green
Product Details

Electric car busbar and electric motorcycle busbar stamping and coating

Introduction about the Copper EV Busbar Stamping:

Electric vehicle (EV busbar is one kind of Copper Busbar stamped or cut based on desired copper thickness plate and bend it to the desired shape and dimension. It is being widely used for electric car and electric motorcycle to carry large electric current between different battery unit.

Product Name: copper  busbar/electric car busbar/ electric vehicle busbar/EV Busbar

Material: T2 copper (or T1, T3, TU1, TU2 etc.)

Conductivity: > 100 IACS or customized

Copper EV Busbar Thickness: 1mm /2mm /3mm  or customized

Surface Coating Options for EV Busbar: Nickle plating / Sliver plating/ Galvanization

Insulation Coating: expoy powder (B,F,H Temperature Class) with customized Thickness

Width: Customized

Tolerance: 0.1mm or Customized

Main Process: Cutting, Punching, Bending, Twisting, Drilling, Tapping, CNC Machining

Life: 5-10years

Certificate: ISO9001:2015 & IATF16949:2016&ISO14001:2015

EV Busbar Customization available for special dimension, shapes and structure.

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