Supercore Stator with 0.1mm 10JNEX900

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Introcution About Super Core 10JNEX900

Super Core is manufactured using an innovative process that is completely different from that for conventional silicon steel sheets. These are the highest grade, non-oriented magnetic steel sheets available.

Conventional silicon steel sheets have a Si (silicon) content of3.5% or less. It has long been known that the magnetic characteristics of a silicon steel sheet improve as the Si content increases, peaking at 6.5%. However, it has been impractical to produce thin steel sheets with a Si content of over 3.5% because the steel tends to harden and become brittle. In 1993 JFE Steel solved this production problem through the adoption of a process called the CVD process, and successfully introduced the first 6.5% Si steel sheets (JNEX-Core) to the world.
In order to meet new demands, this technology has continued to be developed, leading to the commercial production of gradient high-silicon steel sheets with superior high-frequency characteristics (JNHF-Core).

Bonded Supercore BLDC Stators with 0.1mm 10JNEX900 Super coreBonded Supercore BLDC Stators with 0.1mm 10JNEX900 Super core

JYSTATOR experiences of manufacture Supercore 10JNEX900 0.1mm stators

1.Have over 500kg regular stock to meet customer needs; Short lead time customs samples only 2 weeks;

2. Due to extremely good performance for high speed motors, so bonding is main lamination technology to utimize the performance of supercore, JYSTATOR has over 10 years of bonding lamination experiences;

3. JYSTATOR has built over 5 set of super core 0.1mm stamping tooling already; as we know super core is also called hand tear silicon steel which is very fragile and easy to get deformation and cracks; so experiences of stamping tooling design and manufacturing promised your production;

4. JYSTATOR Conctrate on thin magnetic steel stators manufacturing like 0.1mm,0.15mm and 0.2mm; also with magnetic alloy like Cobalt-Fe and Nickel-Fe Alloy; we have strong background about know-how of difficult stator lamination;

More details about stator bonding technology, please feel free to share with us your drawing and technical requirement.JYSTOR Has more than 10 years of stator bonding experiences with production capacity over 1000 pcs every day; (@=#)

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Bonded Supercore Stators

Supercore Stator

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supercore motor lamination

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