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BLDC Motor Stator Lamination

JYSTATOR is Leader in the production of   Brushless Motor Stator Core Lamination, Stamping and Electrostatic Epoxy Insulation Coating with high quality, high-Performance and Low Iron   Loss which Certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14001 [MORE]

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BLDC Motor Stator Lamination

1. More than 10 Years of Stator experiences;

2. EDM Wire Cutting or Laser Cutting to get lamination sheets;

3. Bonding or Laser welding for stacking to get best performance

4. 100% dimension measurement with CMM to ensure quality

5. Lead time is 2 weeks with MOQ 1 Pcs

Stator Production
stator laminations

Stator Lamination stamping Production line:

1. Automatic Stacking by Interlock with ultra-high production effciency;

2. Bonding, Interlock, Wlding, Clamping Stacking technology for your selection;

3. 1 weeks short lead time;

4. over 100 set ready-made tooling to lower your investment;

BLDC Motor Stator Lamination

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