What is Stator Bonding Lamination technology and how to do it

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As we know, all of the motor engineers would like to design the motor with higher efficiency, while some efficiency lost can not be avoid such as the iron loss of the stators. however, when the efficiency target is very strict, a simple improvement on the iron loss decrease would be much helpful for motor efficiency improving;   Stator Bonding eliminates the need for a rivet points or welding of the magnetic stator cores, which in turn reduces interlaminar loss.The bonded cores show optimal thermal conductivity,   no hurmony noise, and do not breathe at temperature changes. Therefore, interlaminar corrosion is avoided.

Normally we provide 3 types of lamination technology for stator stack laminations:

A. Interlock: it is common technology that being applied for most of the stators with high production efficiency.

B. Stator Bonding: apply high temperature Glue/Epoxy Adhesive on the stators to glue the stator sheet together and ensure them will not loose. Due to it do not need any interlock point and welding, so it can lower the iron loss as maximum level. Typical process of stator bonding as below:

1. Punch the silicon steel sheet or EDM wire cut the silicon steel sheet.

2. Clean the sheet   to avoid burrs.(TBD)

3. Design   Lamination fixture

4. Bond the sheet together by high temperature glue/Epoxy to a stator height as designed.

5. Baking and ensure the glue is harden(at least two times).

6   Inspection

C. Welding: we provide Laser welding for the stator stacks to get narrow welding area. this technology normally used for prototype sample customization and special application where has large torque.

More details about stator bonding technology, please feel free to share with us your drawing and technical requirement.

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