Stator Compound Tooling

发表时间:2023-09-16 00:56

Stator Lamination   Compound Stamping Tooling


Compound tooling can be recognized as a simplified version of progressive diestamping, but its stamping process more like single soft stamping, so it is agood technology being used for small quantity production Soft Single toolinghas some disadvantage which makes the stators are not applicable to be stamped By single soft tooling;   For example, it need stator+rotorsbeing stamped at one tooling to save material; or the stator slots gap is verysmall which makes the single tooling is very easy to get failures;   so compound tooling is best option in   production with limited tooling budget;

JYSTATOR Has over 10 years of various type of stator lamination stamping tooling design and manufacturing to provide your competitive prices solution in B Sample Stage;

cost   from $4000 to $12000 dollars

Short lead time only 4-5 weeks

Stamp stator and rotors one toolingto save material consumption

Stamping steps is 2 to 5 to savecost

Short life with only 500k strikes

Tolerances   poor than progressive die stamping

Stamping speed only 60/minutes;