Drone Stators

Model: 180*148*54slots(0.2)
Material: 20JNEH1200
OD: 0.2mm
Product Details

Drone Stator Ready-Made stamping Tooling

JYSTATOR Has over 300 set of drone stator stamping tooling and Drone motor is one kind of main application; Started   business from 2012 and with cooperation of DJI, T-MOTOR, EMAX, Sunnysky and most of drone motor brands, we have developed whole series of drone stator tooling; its size cover from 8mm to 220mm; Pls send us email to get technical drawing for all models; Phone: +86 15896421004

the drone and UAV FPV Stators has some features:

1. All of FPV Stator used thin 0.2mm silicon steel because its speed is high and the losses under high frequency is critical for longer flying time; some uav stator application are trying to use 0.15mm silicon steel;

2. Most of drone stator and UAV Stator selected epoxy powder coating as slots insulation solution which is friendly to winding; because all of them used for low voltage like 48V and 24V Motor voltage;

3. Most of drone stator design is out-runner type with 12slots, 24slots or 36 slots;

4. Most of the drone stator winding is Why Star connection and few used Delta Connection;

Our team has been working in motor manufacturing field over 20 years already; We have abundant experiences and resources on drone motor manufacturing to share with you and can assist you to solve most of technical issuse like electromanetic simulation,   uav stator winding, assemblying, components sourcing etc...

so pls do not hesitate to send me an email to discuss once you have any questions about FPV Stators;

we can also provide machine winding services and rotor assembly services for drone motor if you are interested in;

drone stator

FPV Stator

UAV Stator   UAV Stator

drone stator

Drone stator coating

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UAV Stator Winding

drone stator winding

drone stator winding

drone stator winding

Drone motor rotor

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