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Stator Bonding

Stator Bonding             Stator Bonding

Motor Stator Bonding Lamination Without any Interlock Point or Welding

As we know, electrical motor designer desire to get higher efficiency for the motors, so seeking a lowest stator iron loss stator core laminations method is crucial for motor efficiency improvement. This motor stator bonding lamination technologies are used to reduce interlaminar loss and corrosion. For our customers who are looking for cores with Ultra-low Core loss, , we offer "loose lamination(stator bonding)" for our stator core laminations as an alternative to welding.

Motor Stator bonding lamination technology by high temperature Epoxy can ensure the stator core laminations do not have self-rivet (interlock) point and welding to get excellent stator stack performance. With Upgrading of Stator Bonding lamination, our technology   has been used for mass production many years with stable quality and low failure rate.

If you have any questions about motor stator bonding lamination technoligies and services, please send us drawing for quotation.

Electrostatic Epoxy Insulation Coating
motor stator lamination

motor stator powder coating

Normally a standard electrostatic coating machine can not 100% coat the stator core laminations slots area especially for small corners, the penetration force are not enough to ensure the coating thickness reach designed spec., this will be harmful for final motor insulaton performance. We optimized electrostatic coating machine and process to ensure the coating quality:

1. Imported ejector from Germany to ensure the motor insulation powder as stronger as electricity and penetration.

2. Efficiency improved 150%-200%

3. Coating evenness lower from 0.05mmto 0.03mm

4. Penetration deepth increase from 12mm to 17mm

5. Solved pain of EPS motor stator coil winding scrap rate from 30% to 0.1%

Electrophoretic Coating(Rust-Proof))
stator rust coating

Electrophoretic Coating/Deposition for stator core lamination

For some of the motor application with worse environment, the stator core lamination is being rusted easily, so electrophoretic deposition coating process is necessary for the stator core laminations. The coating thickness is 0.01mm-0.025mm;

JY's experience on  stator rust-proof will support your design to get perfect rust prevention performance.

Sealed Slots Coating

Sealed Slots Coating

For some  motor design of Inner motor stator laminations with high slot filling factors, automatic winding machine can not being used and a manual winding should applied. While when the slot filing factor is high, the copper wire are very easy to get out from the slot gap and this do harmful for motor running under high-speed, our sealed stator coating technology is perfect replacement of stator slots wedge assembly.

JIAYE stator insulation powder coating tecnology can sealed the slot area totally with epoxy powder insulation coating to avoid potential motor failure