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Electrostatic Motor Epoxy Powder Coating
stator insulation coating

Powder coating provides a continuous dielectric insulating layer with strong chemical and heat resistance to protect motor Coil windings. From performance and cost perspectives, stator epoxy   coating is often superior to insulation paper and plastic overmold, and it can simplify the winding process of the motor assembly and benefit for motor assembly automation, so it is being widely used in the application of   BLDC motors and Slotless Motors. JIAYE has more than 15 years of coating experience which are specilized in   stator   insulation coating of armatures, stators, and all other shaped lamination cores.

Temperature Class: B,F,H

Coating Thickness: 0.15-0.6mm, customized with voltage requirement and stator dimension

Color: Blue, Green

Stator Dimension: Max 500mm

Typical Process of motor stator   Insulation coating

1. Motor Laminations finished by stamping or welding

2. Design and manufacture insulation coating Fixture based on stator powder coating drawing

3. Input the coating spec. in computer of electrostatic electrical insulation coating machine

4. Finish stator epoxy coating and do inspection after process

5. Hardening/baking with defined temperature in Oven

6. Cooling Down to Ambient Temperature

7. Inspection for completed motor stator epoxy coating products

Epoxy Powder Available:

Material ModelTemperature ClassColorCertificatesRemakrs
3M860 SeriesF Class (155℃)GreenROHS
3M266F Class (155℃)GreenUL, ROHS
3M260, 3M555,H Class (180℃)Blue GreenUL, ROHS
Soepoxy DK7-0953M H Class (180℃)   BlueUL,ROSH
3M5230NH Class (180℃)BlueUL, ROHS

Electrostatic Machine Coating with high production efficiency

Manual Coating with Thermal Coating Technology

Stator Epoxy Coating Samples
slotless stator insulation coating
motor insulation coating
Motor Stator Epoxy Coating
Busbar insulation coating
motor stator insulation coating
stator epoxy coating