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Stator Coil Winding
Motor Stator Coil Winding Services

Our Stator Coil Winding   Services includes:

1. Outer Stator and Inner Stator BLDC motor Winding and customization

2. Silicon/PTFE Cable Tin Soldering

3. Heat Shrink Tube Packaging

4. Resin Varnish Impregnation Coating(Pregnation and Dipping)

5. Electrical Performance Testing: Resistance,Hi-pot, Surge waveform etc...

6. Motor stator Slots Wedge Assembly

Process of dc motor stator coil winding services order as below:

1. Drawing Evaluation

2. Winding tooling design and manufacturing

3. Trial Winding to verify design

4. Winding

5. Coi Shaping

6. Electrical performance testing

7. Impregnation Varnish Coating

8. Electrical Testing and inspection