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Motor Stator Prototype Sample Customization

Electrical motor stator  Prototype samples is crucial for design verfication and provide testing feedback for production drawing, we can support our customer in whole stage of motor stator prototype sample manufacturing with fast action and lowest cost.

Typical process of the motor stator prototype sample:

1. Email us your technical drawing files in a .DXF,.DWG or IGS, STEP format. The drawing includes the Info.: dimension, tolerance, material, Special Process requirement

2. Customer will receive a quotation within 2 business day along with the engineering evaluaiton result.

3. Motor stator prototype purchase order is processed.

4. Customer test the motor stator prototype sample with motor assemblies and the prototype is approved by customer.

5.Once "test" of motor stator sample is approved, production begins to build up the stamping mold to save the cost and improve manufacturing efficiency.

6. All jobs at JIAYE are closely monitored from start to finish.

EDM Wire Cutting

EDM Wire cutting are being applied for motor stator prototype and motor stator sample customization, by introducing wire cutting, the prototype sample cost can be lowered before the approval of stator core produciton. compare to laser cutting to produce motor stator prototypes, the tolerance and performance is better;

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stator core cutting   motor stator cutting

Lamination Welding

laser welding.png            IMG20180115155513.jpg

Laser Welding is a technique in which metals are fused together using the heat energy provided by a laser. Unlike traditional forms of welding, a laser produces a highly concentrated heat source which enables precise, narrow welds. It is a versatile process which can be used to weld Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, and Aluminum. Laser welding is normally used for smaller sized motor lamination  or motor stator sample welding.

The laser welding can be replaced with our motor stator bonding lamination technology.

Electrophoretic Coating(Rust-Proof))
stator rust coating

Electrophoretic Coating/Deposition for stator core lamination

For some of the motor application with worse environment, the stator core lamination is being rusted easily, so electrophoretic deposition coating process is necessary for the stator core laminations. The coating thickness is 0.01mm-0.025mm;

JY's experience on  stator rust-proof will support your design to get perfect rust prevention performance.


Any manufacturing process (laser cutting, stamping, shearing) will have some negative effect on the core loss of material as the grain structure at the cutting edge is being deformed in some way. The heat treatment Annealing process was introduced to eliminate the internal stresses of the lamination during puching and cutting.

Typical annealing process of motor core lamination as below:

1. Motor core  Laminations are wire Cut or Punched by stator Stamping machine.

2. Stator Laminations are deburred.

3.Parts go through a standard production cycle stress relief annealing at a specified temperature.

4.Parts are then cooled for a set time frame.

The annealing process can be before lamination(single sheet) or after laminaiton based on different core lamination technologies being applied.

Special Steel for Motor Stator Core

We can also customize special material motor Stator samples if required by customer. this material is not in storage, so we need longer lead time for the orders:

1. Cobalt Steel Stator customization

2. Nickel-Alloy Stator;

3. Self-bonding type silicon steel

4. Supercore Stators