How to Customize Axial Flux Stators

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Axial Flux Motor Stator Lamination


Axial Flux motor also being called disk motor, it is small weight, compat, high efficiency designed   motors with a lot of application such as electrical car, green car, Freeze electric powder Generator, Computer Disk . also it is being used for some special application. now due to its advantage of compact size and high powder density, it is being widely used more and more field to replace traditional motors;

The lamination of axial flux motor is different from traditional stator stacks. it is impossible to produce it by a common stator punching machine to produce axial flux stator and it stator need customs machine to do stamping and lamination, for traditional stators, the stampign tooling cut the single sheets geometry and laminate all sheets   from axial direction bybonding, interlock or welding technology; however for axial flux stators, a stamping tooling only stamp the slots shape and size, and a rolling machine system is running synchronously with stamping tooling by PLC computer system;

JYSTATOR developed and manufactured customs axial flux stamping and rolling machine in site and own all rights;

Since 2018, JYSTATOR has produced over 80k pcs axial flux stators for over 200+ customers worldwide;

Typical Process of using Self-bonding silicon steel to produce stators:

1. Cut Silicon Steel Strip with designed width

2. A punching mold tooling should be desinged to stamp the coil shape;

3. Punch coil to desired shape with customs axial flux stator machine as shown in above video

4. Do Spot welding on starting and ending strips to fix it

5. Stator dimension correction and align laminations for all slots and two plate;

6. Do stator with bonding or laser welding on back plate surface;

7. Create assmembly screw holes (if necessary)

8.   Do Surface grinding (if necessary) to get good flatness

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