Stator EDM Wire Cutting Laminations

发表时间:2022-06-23 13:51

EDM Wire Cutting for Stator Prototype Samples

JYSTATOR Has over 10 years of STATOR CORE EDM Cutting experiences, in past 5 years, we have produced over 10k pcs prototype samples for our glocal customer and most of them is made by EDM Wire Cutting;

EDM Wire Cutting is one type of Electrical Corrosion machining method which is widely being used for metal cutting; Silicon Steel is also can use EDM Wire cutting to manufacture but it is siginificantly different from other block metals due to following reason:, so experiences is important to cut good tolerances stator laminations by using EDM Wire Cutting;

normally the stator prototype samples can be cut by laser cutting or EDM Wire Cutting and the EDM Wire Cutting has following advantages:

1. It can cut max. 120mm one time and all this 120mm has 100% same dimension and perfect surface alignment;

2. Because during cutting, we used 2 of 10mm steel plate and 8 of M12 screw to lock it, so it can cut with good flatness and perpendicularity;

3.   Due the parts is cooling by liquid, so it do not generate any thermal stress which will cause more electrical losses;


Typical Process of EDM Wire Cutting by JYSTATOR as below:

1. Cut Raw material Strip to designed size

2. Stacking Sheets to about 80mm

3. compress 2 of 10mm height steel plate on both side

4. Adjust the flatness of the laminated stacks;

5. Create Holes by electro-corossion method; the hole we make normally 0.8-1.2mm;

6. Load the stacks to EDM Cutting machine and adjust perpendicularity

7. Stator EDM Cutting;

8. Used Customs fixture to fix the parts during cutting process to ensure it do not have any deformation;

9. Clean the parts with ultrasonic cleaning machine

10. Separate single laminations to ensure it do not have any electric short between laminations;

11. Measure single laminations with 2D Optical projector

12. Do stator lamination with bonding or Laser welding technology

we do 100% dimension check to ensure all parts being produced by JYSTATOR Can fulfill your needs;