Soft Single Stamping Tooling

发表时间:2023-09-16 00:45

Soft Single Stamping tooling for Laminations


Due to High cost and Low production efficiency of EDM Wire Cutting and laser cutting, in order to meet requirement of small quantity productuon during B Stage of the project,   a single soft stator stamping tooling can be designed to do production with quantity hundreds or thousands pcs;

JYSTATOR Has over 10 years of various type of stator lamination stamping tooling design and manufacturing to provide your competitive prices solution in B Sample Stator;

Feature of stator soft stamping Tooling as below

Simple structure and low cost to$2000-$5000 dollars

Short lead time only 3 weeks

Stamping speed reach 60/minutes;

Good tolerances for standardstators

Short life with only 300-500kstrikes

Unable to upgrade with designmodification

Stator shape and geometry has beenlimited and some parts can not be stamped;

Parts being stamped only one steps,so it is unable to stamp stator+rotors inone set tooling;

stator soft toolinglamination soft tooling