Progressive Die Stamping Tooling

发表时间:2023-09-16 01:05

Progressive Die Stamping Tooling

Progressive   Die is one mature sheets stamping tooling technology which separate the sheets geometry to many   steps to avoid deformation and burrs; Due to the high accuracy of tooling parts, it can realize max. 600 strikes/minute   stamping speed andreach 200 Million strikes life; when combine with interlock design, it can realize automatic   lamination to significantly lower production cost and improve production efficiency;

High accuracy Tolerances reach+/-0.01mm

Tooling life reach 200 Milliontimes

Over 300 strikes/minutes stampingspeed and reach max 600 strikes

Lead time is 2-4 months

Cost is high which Min. 10k dollars

Interlock or single sheetsavailable

Can upgrade by replacing components

stator progressive die

Progressive Die