Laser Cutting for stator Laminations

发表时间:2023-06-28 23:26

Laser Cutting has advnatage to cut laminations and in recent years, with laser cutting machine accuracy improvement, now the sheets tolerances has been improved siginificantly and now it has been widely used for silicon steel lamination cutting; the laser cutting specification below:

Silicon Steel Thickness0.01mm to 03mm
Cutting Size Limits1mm to 800mm
Cutting Tolerances0.005mm
Burrs Level<0.02mm
Smallest Hole can cut0.1mm
Cutting Speed1m-3m/Minutes

Main steps of the laser cutting as below:

1. Cut raw material sheets to a desired dimension(one time may cut many laminations)

2. Fix the sheets on machine desk(customized for lamination cutting);

3. Do program on Coputer system;

4. positioning the sheets and find the zero point;

5. Cutting machine parameter setting

6. Trial cutting for one laminatin

7. Dimension check with projector;

8. Lamination Cutting

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